What happens when value of tokens become double and you don’t have the money?

When the value of the tokens you grabbed becomes at least double and stays there for a minimum of 14 days, you will have 14 days to pay for your grabbed tokens. If for any reason you don’t have the full money to grab all the tokens you reserved, you can pay whatever amount you have. For example if you have tokens worth of $5000 but you only have $1000. You pay 1000, get your tokens and sell them if you want and repeat the cycle.

Am I obligated to buy the tokens when the price doubles?

No you are not obligated to buy the tokens. If for whatever reasons you did not buy the tokens you grabbed when price at least doubles, you will simply lose the right. Those tokens will then be burned.

What if I want to grab more than $5,000 worth of tokens?

The first $5,000 worth of tokens you can grab by not paying anything. Every block of $5,000 after that will be $10 processing fee. The following blocks will be available :

$5,000 grab : $10 processing fee
$15,000 Grab : $30 processing fee
$25,000 Grab : $50 processing fee
$50,000 Grab : $100 processing Fee
$100,000 Grab : $200 Processing Fee
Millionaire Club Grab : $2,000 Processing Fee

How can I grab more than $5,000 worth of tokens without paying the processing fee?

You can grab more by inviting others but you only have 24 hours to do the inviting.

Invite as many people as you want within 24 hours, after which you will not be allowed to invite any more people. You will get $500 per person who grabs $5,000 worth of tokens for free. Whoever you invited in 24 hours, will be the only ones you get $500 per person for.

For example you invited 30 people, these 30 will be in your dashboard. After that, the tools in the dashboard will allow you to keep communicating to them to get them to join but you won’t be able to invite anymore.

How can I help?

You can become an advisors, champion spread and possibly offer 20 minutes lessons in knowledge you know best. You can send us a small video, which shows your take on why kids should be taught business, confidence building, self-esteem at a young age? You can send us a profile picture and a small bio along with the video and we will add you to the site under the advisor section.

The media in your city might be looking for someone to comment, please let us know you are up for it and we will connect any media inquiries from your city to you also.